Invacare Design Library

Welcome to the Invacare TheraPure Bathing System Design Library. This Design Library contains electronic files that can be used to describe the following ICC products:

  • 1200 Lift/Transporter
  • 1900 Lift/Transporter
  • 3602GXL Free-Standing Tub, Extra Long
  • 3652G Free-Standing Tub
  • 3752G Recessed Tub
  • 3802G Recessed Tub
  • 6302GADH Adjustable Height Supine Tub
  • 6302G Supine Tub

ICC product design information is provided in several file formats. Drawings depicting the front, top, back, left, right views and 3d model of the above listed ICC products are provided in three file formats, Autocad DWG, DXF and PDF each placed in their own folders. Also provided in their respective folders are drawing and information documents on Tub and Lift Specifications and Tub Installation Specifications. These two folders contain information presented in DWG, PDF, JPG, and TXT format documents.

Download Zip Files Below:

Autocad DWG Drawings

DXF Drawings

PDF Drawings

Tub & Lift Specifications

Tub Installation Dimensions