Our Approach

We’re different.

We are Interior Designers first, but with a combined 100-plus years of experience in designing for healthcare, Post Acute Care and senior living, our design staff brings something truly unique, something beyond a basic love for healthcare design, to the table: passion for caring.
Beautiful, functional spaces with the needs of the resident at the center.
Invacare Interior Design employs evidence-based design principles to optimize the functionality of all spaces for the resident mix your facility is catering to—whether short-term rehab, memory care or skilled nursing, we have a deep understanding of the nuances of designing for, and appealing to, to these distinct resident populations.
In addition to design services and single-source procurement capabilities, a dedicated Invacare Interior Design Project Coordinator is integral to the design process, whether undergoing an update to specific areas or a full-facility installation.  
We also offer optional services for order consolidation and installation. The result is more controlled delivery times, minimized disruption to the facility and timely installation of products by our experienced crew.
Rest easy. Invacare Interior Design is there to help make sure your projects don’t turn into a Project for you or your staff.