Invacare® microAIR® Therapeutic Support Surfaces

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When a resident is at risk for a Pressure Injury, or has an existing one, the diagnosis calls for more than a mattress. That’s why Invacare is pleased to introduce a full line of innovative powered mattresses designed to deliver clinical comfort in easy to use, easy to maintain packages.

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From the 2-in-1 Alternating Pressure of the MA500 mattress to the advanced MA1000 mattress featuring 3-in-1 Alternating Pressure and Pulsation Therapies; and with bariatric options up to 1,000 lbs., Invacare’s line of microAIR Therapeutic Support Surface accommodates a full range of your residents’ support surface needs.


Easy to maintain. Easy to use. Easy to love.
  • Designed with easily removed cells for maintenance and a unique detachable bladder sleeve design for quick cleaning
  • Innovative Invacare® HeelSense™ Technology on MA600, MA800 and MA1000 mattresses is designed to help provide a softer surface under vulnerable heels
  • Highly vapor-permeable and oversized pliable quilted nylon top covers and non-slip bases are designed to provide low shear, friction and moisture protection
  • Customizable cycle times allow caregivers to fine tune therapy to meet residents’ needs on MA800, MA900 and MA1000 mattresses
  • Automatic controls on MA800, MA900 and MA1000 mattresses can help take the guesswork out of setting and maintaining comfort and therapy controls
  • A cable management system keeps cords out of the way and off the floor

Few things in a facility impact outcomes as much as Therapeutic Support Surfaces can. Register today for our in-service webinar  to learn why Invacare microAIR Therapeutic Support Surfaces should be an integral part of your Pressure Injury Prevention and Treatment Program.

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