Invacare® Stand Assist Premier Series Lift

Designed for safe and comfortable transfers
Invacare stand-assist lifts are designed to help promote independence while relieving the lifting burden from the caregiver, with features intended to deliver ease of use, maneuverability, and versatility.


Optimal Functionality and Innovative Feature Sets

The new Premier Series Invacare Stand Assist (ISA) lift offers optimal functionality and an innovative feature set for maximum comfort and security when transferring weight-bearing residents and patients, as well as those needing rehabilitation support.

The difference is in the details. The sleek and modern design was driven by customer insights, with a goal of incorporating what was most valued in a stand-assist lift while bringing in new features to enhance the user and caregiver experience. Assembly and dismantling can be done without any tools, making equipment setup and transport easier than ever.*


Design improvements for patients and residents
  • Ergonomic hand grips: Fit the natural shape of the hand and position of the wrist for a safe and comfortable grip.
  • Extendable lifting arm: multiple length options to accommodate varying user heights and arm proportions.
  • Lower leg support: Lower leg cushion provides six height positions with ErgoSupport swivel feature for added comfort.
  • Foot plate: Removable foot plate feature allows for gait-training and restorative care.

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